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Yuhui Du*, Wenchao Zhu, Yuduo Zhang. A Novel Method for Multi-subject fMRI Data Analysis: Independent Component Analysis with Clustering Embedded (ICA-CE). In 2023 IEEE 45th Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), 2023.

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The extraction of accurate brain functional networks (FNs) using multi-subject functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data are of great importance. However, traditional independent component analysis (ICA) methods perform analysis on multi-subject fMRI data under the condition of known or assumed classes of subjects, which may decrease its ability to extract accurate individual brain FNs. Although a previous method named clusterwise ICA (C-ICA) method clusters subjects and obtains shared FNs in group-level for each class, its clustering performance on complex data is not ideal. To address the issues, we propose a novel method called independent component analysis with clustering embedded (ICA-CE)  that can achieve both the estimation of individual FNs and the clustering of subjects in an unsupervised or semi-supervised manner. Using the simulated data with different properties, ICA-CE achieved better clustering performance than group ICA followed by K-means and C-ICAand the mean accuracy of extracted individual FNs was greater than 90%. Using the task-related fMRI data from Human Connectome Project (HCP), our method also achieved higher clustering accuracy, while extracting task-related class-specific FNs. In summary, ICA-CE is effective in estimating accurate brain FNs while achieving the clustering of multiple subjects.