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Jing Sui

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Professor Sui works in The institute of automation, Chinese academy of sciences, doctoral supervisor. Research interests include Pattern Recognition, Deep Learning, Brain Imaging Analysis of Big Data, Neuroimaging Markers Identification, Medical Image Analysis and Precision Medical.  She has won the Excellent Summary Award of the international conference on the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM), The Mind Research Network Young Scientist Award, and the Excellent Summary Award of the International Conference on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging. She serves as reviewers of more than 20 international journals, including: Biological Psychiatry, Neuroimage, Human Brain Mapping, IEEE TMI, IEEE TBME, IEEE TIP, IEEE SPM, JASA, Artificial Intelligence and Medical Applications, Journal of Medical Operations and Imaging, Journal of Signal Processing Society, Journal of Neuroscience Methodologies. She is a member of the program committee of the international conference of bioinformatics and biomedicine (BIBM) and an editor of Frontiers in biomedical engineering. She has published many high-level papers.