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The NeuroMark brain functional network toolbox was released

时间:2021-08-07 11:25:36   来源:  点击:[1351]

Based on the paper "NeuroMark: An automated and adaptive ICA based pipeline to identify reproducible fMRI markers of brain In the "Disorders", we released NeuroMark brain functional network toolbox.

By inputting the fMRI data of subjects, NeuroMark toolbox can automatically estimate the brain functional network and related measures using reliable brain network templates as a guide for each individual subject and visualize the results.


The functions of the NeuroMark toolbox are as follows. Select the folder which stores the subject data, select the brain mask provided by user or generated by NeuroMark according to the subject data, select the brain functional network template and input the ID of template, select the output path to save results and help user to use NeuroMark toolbox. With respect to the function of ‘Viewer’, user need to select the path saving the results, brain atlas (the template to calculate related brain region with component) and the number of brain region.

Click on me to download the NeuroMark brain functional network toolbox!

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August 09, 2021