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Professor Yuhui Du was invited to give a report at the live of

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On April 02, 2021, Professor Yuhui Du from School of Computer and Information Technology of Shanxi University was invited to deliver an report on the academic live — Tutu Seminar- Yanqi Lake Medical Artificial Intelligence Forum that was held by Journal of Image and Graphics. With the theme of "How to publish high-level medical AI papers", the forum specially invited well-known scholars at home and abroad who have published a number of high-level papers in the top journal and top conference to share the latest achievements in the direction of multimodal medical imaging, medical big data, brain imaging and so on.


At the forum, Professor Yuhui Du gave an academic report titled "How to use brain imaging to explore the mechanism of brain disease and understand the brain".

Here is the brief introduction of the report:

Brain imaging is a powerful tool for exploring mental illness and understanding the brain. There are many important fields of research in brain science, including mining objective indicators of brain lesions based on brain magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), extracting the sparse and effective features from multi-modal high-dimensional image data to improve the classification performance of different mental illness, exploring biotypes of mental illness using data-driven methods, discovering brain aging using brain imaging, etc. In this lecture, we shared our research achievements and experience from several aspects, including the analysis methods of resting and dynamic brain function network, the discovery of biomakers of mental disease image based on multi-modal brain images, and diagnosis and recognition of brain diseases using machine learning and deep learning methods.

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April 22, 2021