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Professor Yuhui Du was invited to give a speech at the CCF Young Computer Scientists & Engineers Forum

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On March 27, 2021, CCF Young Computer Scientists & Engineers Forum (CCF YOCSEF) successfully held the technical forum in Taiyuan, of which the theme is "Digital Shanxi -- Where is the Singularity of AI Medical Care?". Du Yuhui, professor of Shanxi University, was invited to make a technical report titled "How to use brain image to explore the mechanism of brain disease and understand the brain".


The content of the report includes: (1) the brain functional network analysis method of group information guided independent component analysis, which has the ability to complete the identification of multiple diseases. The new brain functional network analysis method has been integrated into the GIFT software, which is widely used in the international brain imaging field. (2) a new multi-modal data fusion classification algorithm, which uses multi-modal measures including brain functional connectivity, brain functional network, brain functional network connectivity, gray matter volume, gray matter density, etc., to distinguish mental diseases. Compared with single modal data, this method can achieve better classification performance. (3) the hypergraph clustering method is used to effectively mine the biological types of diseases. (4) the deep learning method is used to detect the similarities and differences between the male and female brain changes in the aging process.

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March 30, 2021