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A report on individual cognitive prediction method based on multimodal brain imaging and its clinical application

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July 21, 2020   09:00 am ~ 10:00 am


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Individual Cognitive Prediction Method Based on Multimodal Brain Imaging and Its Clinical Application




      Rongtao Jiang is a doctor of the Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences. At present, 7 papers have been published by the first author in Biological Psychiatry, Cerebral cortex, Neuroimage, Neuropsychopharmacology, Brain imaging and behavior, and 1 paper has been published in the international conference included in EI.During his Ph.D., he has won national scholarship, Zhu Li Yuehua scholarship, climbing scholarship, and the honors of "Merit Student Soldier" of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.Currently, he is a reviewer of NeuroImage, Human Brain Mapping and other journals.

      The main research direction is the individual index prediction method based on Multi-Modality brain image and its application. By using the structure, function and other modality image features, the quantitative model that can accurately predict the continuous variables such as cognitive behavior, severity of disease symptoms, personality traits at the individual level is developed and applied to find robust and reliable imaging markers.Major Academic Contributions: IQ prediction models with superior generalization performance were established on multicenter data sets, and female IQ was found to be more predictable; multimodal IQ prediction models were constructed using cortical thickness and functional connectivity, and gender differences in IQ brain mechanisms were found, which demonstrated that multimodal models could significantly improve individual IQ prediction accuracy;Task-state fMRI data were used to construct an individualized prediction model for reading comprehension, and the superiority of task-state brain functional connectivity in predicting cognitive ability was found.

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